Urban Planning and Insolvency Law

Intervention in insolvency proceedings having urban planning ramifications.

In Laso & Asociados, we are in permanent direct contact with reality, constantly evolving along parallel lines which requires us to be prepared for changing circumstances. This has been the case with the financial economic crisis of 2007, which has been reflected in the outbreak of situations of insolvency in traditional urban development processes, as, for instance, in the failure to pay urban development fees owing to the insolvency of any of those required to make such payments. This circumstance has made it necessary to extend the limits of specialization of the Firm to cover other disciplines, such as insolvency, in order to resolve the problems of insolvency in urban developers.

  • Intervention in insolvency proceedings to claim urban development fees.
  • Materialization of the order of priority of credits for urban development expenses in the event the titleholder becomes insolvent.
  • Advisory services for property owners regarding the result of claims for urban development expenses.
  • Legal counsel in insolvency matters.

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