Urban Planning Management

The work of Laso & Asociados provides great support in urban planning execution operations, both in cases of private as well as public initiatives. 

We offer qualified advisory service throughout the entire process of the legal development and interpretation of the matters arising in the activities of urban planning execution in public or private initiatives, particularly those targets regarding land re-parcelling, urban planning and building construction in accordance with permitted uses, in the execution of detailed planning, in the stipulated modality of urban planning management, and in the material execution instruments at stake.

The new path which urban planning inevitably and fundamentally takes has more of a commitment to the regeneration of the consolidated urban fabrics than to the unfettered new city development to which we have been accustomed until now. In the face of the complexity of these interventions, Laso & Asociados offers its widespread experience in emblematic actions of reference.

Moreover, in relation to the governance and administration of the Owners’ Management Boards or of other Collaborating Urban Planning Entities, we offer, together with our collaborators, a Continual Legal Advisory Service (C.L.A.S.) which includes, where applicable, the functions of Secretariat, Accountancy, Tax Treatment, etc.

In short, we act at all times in coordination with our technical collaborators in the following activities:

  • Setting up of Owners’ Management Boards or other Urban Planning Entities.
  • Drafting and processing of Action Base and Bylaw Projects.
  • Drafting and processing of Parcelling and Equal Distribution Projects (Compensation and Re-parcelling) until they are recorded in the Land Registry.
  • Estate Standardization Projects.
  • Action Projects.
  • Expropriation Proceedings.
  • Real Estate Valuation.
  • Delimitation of Execution Units.
  • Drafting of Urban Planning Agreements.
  • Continual Legal Advisory Service.
  • Consortiums.
  • Promotion through urban planning agent.
  • Action Projects.
  • Other.

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